Acute Medicine
- Waiting room or living room?

Acute illnesses are the most common reason for presentation to the pediatrician or emergency department. At is stressful and exhausting to wait in the waiting room for the doctor with a sick child.

As a mobile pediatrician, I come to your home and examine and treat your child in familiar surroundings and am also available as your contact person after the home visit. 

So you'd better wait in your living room!

Typical clinical pictures:

  • Earache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Symptoms of infection and fever
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Minor injuries or burns/scalds
  • Rashes


  • Pulse oximetry
  • On-site laboratory (Point of Care Diagnostic-POC)
  • Issuance of private prescriptions
  • Employer sick leave
  • Referrals and prescriptions
  • Telemedicine follow-up

U2@home and preventive medicine
- More time for examination and consultation

The most beautiful moment after the stresses and strains of childbirth is arriving as a family in your own home.

If you gave birth on an outpatient basis, at home or in a birth center, the screening U2 can also take place at home at your leisure. 


  • Implementation of the U2 from the 3rd to the 10th day of life.
  • Time for examination and consultation
  • Administration of vitamin K
  • Determination of oxygen saturation
  • Implementation of the newborn screening
  • Referrals for hearing screening and hip ultrasound
  • Close exchange with the supervising midwife

Precautions and check-ups

In exceptional cases, I also perform the "larger" preventive examinations at home.

Preventive medicine & vaccinations

You want to have your child examined outside of the official preventive medical checkups, or need a medical health checkup for daycare, school or sports club ? Again, a home visit is a wonderful way to bypass crowded waiting rooms.

Under certain conditions, vaccinations of children and parents can also take place at home.

Video consultation
- The digital home visit from the pediatrician

Video consultation expands my options for medical care and allows me to come to you digitally as well.

It does not matter where you are. Because even if you have a health problem with your child while traveling, I will be happy to advise you. The main thing is that you have a computer, smartphone or tablet and a good and fast internet connection.

Typical questions video consultation:

  • Rashes
  • Worm treatment
  • Reddened eyes
  • General health questions
  • Infection symptoms


  • Certified video service
  • Accessible from everywhere
  • Travel company
  • Private prescriptions
  • Sick leave (employer)
  • Transfers

The allocation of appointments is
by appointment only.

You can see available dates via the booking button. 

Alternatively, you can also send me a booking request by e-mail. 

Due to the current high demand, home visits outside the areas of operation can only take place to a very limited extent. 

Dr. Jan Falkenberg
Specialist in pediatrics and adolescent medicine
Winsstrasse 42, 10405 Berlin

Pediatrician Dr. med Jan Falkenberg makes private house calls by appointment in Berlin. In urgent emergencies, please contact the nearest pediatric clinic or call the emergency number 112. Outside of my availability, please contact the KV emergency service practices or the rescue centers at the pediatric clinics in emergencies.


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